Why Our Pearl Obsession is Growing Stronger in 2023

With the ever-changing fashion trends, there is one trend that ALWAYS remains in style. The classic pearl has stood the test of time. And yes ladies this trend is having its time to shine again in 2023, becoming such a phenomenon it even has its' own name - The Pearlcore Trend

This year we see Pearl designs with a modern twist. The update is more youthful, and playful. A time to have fun with styling multiple layers and wearing them in a variety of ways. 

See our guide to our revamped classic designs with a modern twist. 

Youthful Yet Sophisticated

We love layering the Triple Pearl Huggies and the Summer Pearl Necklace for a youthful yet sophisticated statement look. 

Pearl Statement Look

The Subtle Statement 

For a laid back aesthetic, and a look that is perfect for day to night transitions, we know you will love  the Amore Freshwater Pearl Earrings.  

The best thing about wearing pearls, is that they go with every look. Wear your gorgeous Nicole Fendel pearl pieces and you will be feeling your best, both inside and out!

The Cierre Earrings will be your number one statement pick to elevate any outfit. 

The Everyday Staple 

Hoops also pair beautifully with any outfit, so if you need an everyday staple these Perri Hoops will be your new everyday pick.

When it come to fine feminine beauty our top pic this season is the Perri Choker

Stunning on its own or layer with our other pendants for an on-trend statement look. 

Cool Girl Look

Are you looking for the ultimate cool girl look?! It is easy to see why the Purity Earring and the Gem Threader is on every trendsetters wish list this Christmas. 

If you are after something matchy or for the perfect gift, The Perri Hoop Large and the Perri Bracelet are the perfect pair. 

Enjoy the beauty of pearls and have fun with this timeless trend. 

NF x  

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