“My inspiration and purpose has remained consistent throughout my journey! Design and create jewellery that I love to wear everyday but also challenge myself with designs that take an outfit from plain to powerful.”

- Nicole Fendel (Founder)

Named after its founder, Nicole Fendel Jewellery is famously known for its classic, timeless statement jewellery designs. With a purpose to empower the wearer to invent their own modernity.

Nicole’s designs are versatile, with a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. 

Inspired by her cultural upbringing, each collection embodies natural beauty with a modern-day twist. With pieces bold enough to be worn alone as well as others delicate enough to layer - there is something for every style.

Born in South Africa and raised in Western Australia, Nicole discovered her passions for the arts at a young age. While pursuing a career in Interior Architecture, she began handcrafting jewellery to satisfy her creative flare. 

As a graduate, with her horizons expanding, Nicole moved to Melbourne in pursuit of achieving her dream job. Soon enough, she noticed a buyer’s interest in her designs! It wasn’t long before she was inundated with calls from both strangers and high-end boutiques requesting showings to purchase her designs! 

She took the leap of faith to follow her heart and pursue her passion for designing jewellery full time! Still to this day, she incorporates quotes on her designs that embody her journey!

“Follow your heart” & “Discover your dreams”

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