Our Responsibility


At Nicole Fendel we are committed to quality and longevity with our operations.

We are constantly taking steps to ensure our processes are both sustainable and transparent.

We listen to our customers to avoid overproduction and excess stock. By doing this, we focus on small releases.

We are constantly moving towards improving our environmental impacts and ethical processes.

We work closely with our technicians across the globe, to support their communities and ensure that our products are of the highest quality. 

We choose partners that align with our values, who follow a code of conduct and adhere to Safe working conditions and Fair labour practices. (Pre Covid) Nicole visits our factories yearly, to ensure a happy and safe work environment.

Each piece is handcrafted by our specialised technicians, with rare finishes and techniques.

Our new packaging is sustainable, with new Biodegradable Zip lock pouches.


We are constantly working towards creating positive change through our brand. While we are by no means perfect, we are growing and evolving every day! 

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