5 Tips For Jewellery Care

Want your jewellery to look its best? Of course you do!

Here are Nicole’s 5 hot tips to keep your jewellery shining for years on end! 

Tip #1: Dry Micro-fibre Cloth – Yes Please!
Guess what?! In every order, we include a polishing cloth which is treated with an anti-tarnish agent! To get the best results, gently buff your pieces until any imperfections or marks are no longer visible. 
Please remember: 
  • Do not use the polishing cloth directly on delicate gemstones, hard gemstones or pearls.
  • Always wash your hands after use and keep the cloth out of reach of children.
  • Never wash the polishing cloth, as it will lose its effectiveness

Tip #2: NFJ Biodegradable Zip Lock Pouches

Did you know with every jewellery piece, a Nicole Fendel Biodegradable Zip Lock Pouch comes with it? (That’s because we love our customers so much)!
You may have noticed a black tab inside your pouch. This is treated with anti-tarnishing agents and protects metal from discolouration – so keep inside the zip lock pouch! 
So what to do when you’re not wearing your beautiful NFJ pieces??
When your jewellery is not being worn, always remember to place it back in our Zip Lock pouch in a safe place, with the strip included to protect it from the elements of daily exposure.


Tip #3: Beauty Products On Jewellery? Think again! 

Sadly, jewellery and beauty products don’t go as nicely together as our complexions. For that reason…we recommend applying perfumes, creams and hair products before finishing your look with your dazzling Nicole Fendel jewellery.


Tip #4: Jewellery + Exercise = Bad Mix!  

Who likes sweaty jewellery? Definitely not us! We recommend always removing your jewellery before exercising, showering or swimming. Just like our hair, our jewellery does not like chlorine! 

Tip #5: Beware Of Harsh Chemicals & Your Jewellery!

Who would have thought we would be living through a pandemic… with A LOT of hand sanitiser? 
Well, unfortunately, this is a big no-no for jewellery. Sanitisers and harsh chemicals eat into the metals… so please try and remember to remove rings when using these chemicals!  


Just like that - you are a jewellery professional!

Follow these five easy steps and watch your favourite jewellery designs last YEARS. 

With love,

Nicole Fendel Team ♡

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