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Emma Stenhouse | Ngarrindjeri Woman

Following the success of our last collaboration (yes the her pieces sold out in 7 hours!) We persuaded Emma to whip up another 5 incredible original art pieces to sell to our NF loyal art fans. 


This new collection will not disappoint.


Inspired by our Australian landscape and the way it is shaped by mother earth this collection embraces all of natures elements.  A collection which symbolises a time for refection, a time for healing and a time for the opportunities ahead. 

 With a gorgeous palette and Emma's modern touch, each piece is absolutely stunning. 


We know you all have a creative side (and even if you don't but want to try something new in lockdown), here are Emma's top tips on creating your next masterpiece! 
So before you pick up your paint brushes, you need to read Emmas advice ! 


Do you have any advice if we want to paint in lockdown and create a masterpiece?


Buy yourself a colour wheel!! And then practice mixing paint colours. I don’t have a fancy studio (its in the plans with our house build though) I paint at our kitchen table, or on the kitchen floor, just make sure you have some lovely natural light, and a handful of quality brushes.


Following the above advice, can you advise how to choose canvas and paints? Any tips like how to find good colours? And how to mix great colours etc.


Use what you have and what you can afford!!! The best thing you can do is give yourself  time to explore colour and texture. That’s different for everyone, some things to consider is the flow of the paint, I personally prefer something that isn’t too thick and get yourself a few different brushes to play with until you figure you preference. We have no shortage of fantastic paint supplies in our country! Build your skills and confidence in a sketch book first and then work your way up to a canvas. 
Happy Painting! 

 More about Emma 



I was born and bred in Broken Hill, Outback NSW, I lived in the mining town for 38 years where I met and married Shane and had 3 beautiful children; Lachie (16) Asha (in Heaven) and Fraser (10).
I was very much an outside kid and loved playing in the red dirt, this has been something that has stayed with me my whole life.
I’m an early Childhood Educator with a strong passion for culture and connecting children to the natural world around them.  Education is something I’m very passionate about. I came to connect with my heritage and culture 2 years ago and it has been such an amazing process so far. We moved to Warrnambool in South West Victoria 5 years ago for Shane’s work and to give our boys more opportunities, it has been an incredible experience so far, and this little bush kid loves living by the sea… although Windy Warrnambool is the complete opposite to living in the hot desert. The country is absolutely beautiful. I don’t have any training in Art aside from a couple of short courses, path of finding my connection to my culture has enabled me to enjoy a constant flow of creativity and inspiration. 




I am always inspired by nature and my connection to Country. Ive always seen beauty in the smallest flower to the amazing desert sunsets, and more recently, the beauty and treasures of the ocean. I love to tell stories about Country using traditional Iconography. My colour palette is also very much inspired by the colours of nature. Im fascinated by the connection I have to country and exploring the connections we have to each other.


What is your creative process for your paintings? (ie. concept then paint, and see where it takes you)


My work generally begins with a story I have in mind , which is closely associated with a specific colour palette. Predominately its about the colours I see in nature. I might do a rough sketch in a book before I begin ( not always) , but I don’t draw anything on to the canvas, it comes organically. I often colour mix as I go, especially with the base coat and then create a family of colours to work with as each layer goes on. Sometimes an artwork can have up to 10 different layers. Im still very much exploring colour theory as I don’t really think you can ever stop learning.


Who has Inspired my work the most?


I don’t really have a person as such, I’m more inspired by the Iconography and the story I want to tell. If I’m doing a commission I like to chat with the client and find out the things that are most important to them. In terms of my weaving it’s definitely been some local weavers and my Aunty Glenda.


Highlight so far?


Painting a road bike from the Tour De France. And having lovely conversations with all sorts of people about Indigenous Culture. 


What Are Your plans for 2022?


Professionally, my plans are to continue to paint from the heart. And use education as a platform to share my culture and knowledge (although I still have so much to learn) Personally, I can’t wait for our family to move into our own home and I’m very excited to have a creative space all to myself.


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